Second graders give advice to help with water shortage

This week G2 students did “See/Think/Give advice or a tip/我看到 Wǒ kàn dào/我想到 Wǒ xiǎng dào/我的建议 Wǒde jiànyì” activity” by looking at the “China’s thirst for water” map. Here is a couple of recommendations from some of them! I love their creativity and kind heart!

All Pandas (熊猫🐼 Xióng māo) are safe!

Pandas make everyone smile, don’t they! There is just something about them! Well, if you were wondering how pandas in China are doing now – I can tell you that they are taken care of very well, they are eating a lot of extra good nutritious food (which they love doing) and their health is being checked and monitored!

You will enjoy reading this article about them! Plus you will see the cutest pictures of adorable 熊猫🐼 Xióng māo! I love the fact that as you read the article you’ll see new Chinese words you can learn!

Do you have a stuffed 熊猫🐼 at home? Can you draw one? If you are outside, can you “chalk your driveway” with 熊猫🐼? Let me know if you did! Enjoy your day!

Virtual tour of the Great Wall of China

I’d like to invite you to join me for a virtual tour to China. Even though we are all home, it doesn’t mean we can’t learn. Nowadays, technology can connect us, give us a chance to travel and explore from our homes. Let’s see one of the most famous sights in China – 长城 Chang Cheng – The Great Wall of China! Here are couple links you can use: and another video:

你感到什么?How do you feel?

Our 4th Grade students are focusing on feelings and emotions as they explore their unit “Performance is a form of artistic expression”. They can recognize and identify Chinese Characters related to feelings and emotions, as well as write them. They are also learning about Beijing opera as a form of performance that is traditional and very significant for Chinese culture.

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